Alachua County Youth and Livestock Fair

March 10, 2016



Last weekend, my photo editor at the Gainesville Sun assignmed me to cover a unique type of agility course - it included goats. Yes, a goat agility course not even ten minutes away from where I live. 


Here's a walk through of the goat agility show.

1. Enter the arena and immediatel circle a stack of tires.

2. Walk through a goat-sized bridge.

3. Walk through a minute maze of hay bales.

4. Walk up, then dow, a seesaw.

5. Climb up a pyramid of hay bales.

6. Zig-zag through a line of cones.

7. Jump over a raised poll.

8. Walk up and down an A-frame.

9. Walk through a goat-sized tunnel.


Now I can mark goat agility course from my list!

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