A taste of Germany

For the next two weeks, I will be documenting my study abroad trip to Berlin, Germany for a photojournalism course. Stay tuned if you have any interest in seeing what life is like in Europe :~)

We flew over a lot of greenery and acreage on our connecting flight from Düsseldorf to Berlin, Germany. Afterwards, we settled in at the hotel and made a trip to the Bernauer Wall Park Memorial and Tower. The historic street illustrates the impacts of the Berlin Wall and how it destroyed urban space and human lives.

Whether it was with their partners, dogs, families or just individuals, there were people of all ages enjoying the wonderful weather at the memorial. In the picture above, a young German girl investigates the biographical portraits of the 138 people who died at the Berlin Wall.

The museum within the Documentation Center had several exhibits describing the history of Germany. Afterwards, we went to Berlin’s oldest Biergarten and walked home. On our 30-minute walk back to the hotel, we passed by a number of vendors, shops, and interesting architecture (typically covered in graffiti).