TUTAP protests reaches Berlin

Over a hundred Afghanistan demonstrators lined up in front of Berlin's Brandenburg Gate, protesting against the planned route of a multi-million dollar power transmission line and challenging President Ashram Ghani's development plans.

Rather than serving the Hazara-majority Bamiyan Providence in central Afghanistan, the government is depriving large Hazara populations of developmental rights and routing the 500 kv transmission line to the Salang Pass. Based on the estimates of the Afghan Ministry of Energy and Water, only 30% of Afghanistan is connected to electricity.

As reported by The Guardian, "The transmission line, intended to provide secure power to 10 provinces, is part of the wider TUTAP project backed by the Asian Development Bank to link the energy-rich Central Asia republics of Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan with Afghanistan and Pakistan."

The protest in Berlin lasted for several hours, drawing attention from both locals and tourists alike.

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