A Refugee's Second Chance


Syrian refugee, 24

"I spent three years of my life during the Syrian Revolution- I have never regret that. I left my university to join the rebels. The first time I felt like I was a human was the same moment I shouted "freedom." After a year and half I became wanted by the Assad army so I decided to go in the south of Damascus because it was already with rebels. I started to work as a reporter there trying to show the world the real pictures of what was happening and how the people were suffering because of the Assad army. I stayed there for a year and half. It was really hard to live for this long under the siege shelling and bombing without the basics of living like food, water, medicine, etc. I decided it was time to move on and start looking for new escape. I managed to move to Lebanon with some help so I stayed there for six months. It wasn't easy so I decided to travel to Libya where I met a smuggler who helped me to get to Italy. Afterwards, I moved to Germany."

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