Ford's Produce & More still kicking

If you have ever driven on Highway 301, you more than likely passed a brightly-colored shop adorned in handwritten signs and stocked with fruits and vegetables of all shapes and sizes. Today, I got to do more than just purchase locally grown, pesticide-free produce. Instead, I ended up talking to Janet Ford Ricks for several hours, learning all about the family business and hearing about the struggles these local businesses face. However, despite the decrease in sales during slow season, the Ford family will continue to supply what they are best known for- fresh fruit and boiled peanuts.

Janet Ford Ricks, a 51-year-old local fruit vendor, checks for customers at Ford's Produce & More in Hampton, Fla., July 26, 2016. During the slow season, she says she's lucky if she even sees two customers day.

Janet Ford Ricks (center), 51, opens the door for Jessie Moore, 81, while his son Anthony follows behind after purchasing two bags of boiled peanuts at Ford's Produce & More in Hampton, Fla., July 26, 2016. Traveling from Dallas, Anthony Moore says he always makes sure to purchase boiled peanuts when he stops by Florida.

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